Access Existing Shared Files and Folders

1. Connect to and choose the “Cirrus Log in” button.

2. Enter your CHOP User Name and password.Make sure the domain is set to CHOP-EDU.If not, select the “Change to different domain” link and set it to CHOP-EDU.


3. Click the “Sign in” button.

4. Select the Catalog Tab



5. On the Catalog page you will find service listings.  The first item on the left is “All Services”, which will display all the services to which you are entitled.  You may also select FileShare Offerings.


6. Select the “Request” button on “Request FileShare Access”, which may be found on the right side of the screen


7. Select the appropriate fileshare from the associated dropdown list or enter a search term in "Search for Fileshare" to filter Fileshares. Note: Fileshare Path and Owner(s) fields will auto-populate.


8. Select the access type you are requesting.  Typically the available options are ReadOnly and/or ReadWrite.

  1. When you have completed the form, click submit.

  1. You will receive the following message upon successful submission of the request